College sports is a great way of combining education with high-level sports whilst getting your degree funded.

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The wonders of US college sports is difficult to understand unless you have experienced it first-hand.

US college sports is a grew window into the professional game. Athletes like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, Clint Dempsey and many more were college athletes. The level and scale do not compare to any other university sports in the world. Being a student-athlete is a similar lifestyle of a professional athlete, but instead of wages, college athletes receive a paid education through a sports scholarship.

Some American college sports are similar or even on a par with professional sports worldwide. The results and glamour of US college sports feature on national television, the internet and in newspapers. The support and passion for the sports teams is as passionate as most club sports in the world. This loyal support and media interest makes college sports a multi-million dollar industry.


There are a range of scholarship opportunities in the US, including sports scholarships, academic scholarships and international scholarships offered by the university or college. The best possible scholarship is referred to as a “full ride”, and covers the costs of tuition and fees, room and board, and textbooks. 100% of the costs are covered.