Soccer Scholarship

Most young players have the dream to become a professional soccer player.  Playing college soccer is like being a professional soccer player but at the same time earning a University degree. A soccer scholarship at a College in the US can be worth more than a first professional contract. There are two types of scholarships that you can receive. A full scholarship and a partial scholarship:

  • A full scholarship will mean that the University is paying for all of your tuition, food, accommodation, books and everything related to your sport. A full scholarship can signal the investment of almost $300,000 in one student athlete.
  • A partial scholarship will mean that the University offers a deal that will cover some, but not all, of the costs associated with attending the University. If a University costs $40,000 and you are offered a scholarship worth of $35,000, you have to contribute $5,000 towards the costs of attending the University.  Most partial scholarships come with the incentive that if you perform well, both in the classroom and on the field the coach can increase your scholarship and you can end up with a full scholarship.

Each year many soccer players get drafted into the MLS and USL(the top two divisions in the US). The MLS is getting bigger each year. If you play well you have the chance to become a MLS player and start your professional career with a degree. 

The demand for Icelandic soccer players is high. Many Icelandic soccer players have done really well at the College level and therefore American coaches are really interested in players from Iceland.

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